Software You Can Love

celebrate the art of creating software for humans

For some of us, creating software is an intimate act. We care deeply about the experience that results from our work, just like a painter or a musician takes pride in their art.

Software You Can Love conferences have a main day where you can expect to see talks about supporting the creation of music, generative art, cross-stitching, and more. Some talks will be about rethinking basic building blocks of computing, while others will tackle big questions, like "Does Technology Destroy Art?".

Unfortunately, a lot of software out there is not software you can love. Many of us are forced to write user-hostile software at work and elegant solutions are often discarded in the pursuit of extravagant business models. At Software You Can Love we also want to learn how to protect ourselves from dark patterns, both as software engineers and users.

If you too want to celebrate the art of creating software for humans, come join us.

Current and Past Events

Milan, Italy

14-17 May 2024

Vancouver, Canada

7-9 June 2023

Milan, Italy

7-10 October 2022

Milan, Italyhttps://sycl.it14-17 May 2024
Vancouver, Canadahttps://softwareyoucanlove.ca7-9 June 2023
Milan, Italyhttps://sycl.it7-10 October 2022

Software You Can Love was an expression originally created by Loris Cro in "Playing the Open Source Game" to describe a missing key quality in mainstream software production.